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Wed 9th Jan 2008   12:01 AM
posted by John Clapperton

Transparent Persistence

+ Transaction Processing…

Smalltalk is pure object-oriented programming for complex business and technical applications, but the benefits of this can be lost in the well-known ‘impedance mismatch’ with relational databases.

The VOSS open source virtual object storage system extends Smalltalk with integrated database management, providing transparent multi-user access and transaction processing of persistent, versioned, Smalltalk objects directly accessible by normal programming, with efficient persistent Btree collection classes, including the multi-key/multi-value/key-set VirtualDictionarySet for aggregation and query-building.

  • Multi-process, multi-machine transactional access to distributed objects
  • ACID transactions with two-phase commit, logging and rollforward crash recovery
  • Persist clustered complexes of any Smalltalk classes except block closures
  • Historical object versioning, MVRC repeatable read, MVCC concurrency control
  • Automatic object locking with transaction rollback & retry on deadlock time-out
  • Automatic change detection, no lock conflicts with sub-transactions, short read-locks
  • Multi-key/multi-value/key-set Btree VirtualDictionarySet with query-building methods
  • Continuation Transactions manage alternative futures for design or what-if
  • Long Continuation Transactions may be persisted prior to ultimate commit/rollback
  • Web server / application process rendezvous
  • Distributed copying, parented copying, identity-exchange, checkout, read-only etc
  • 24×7 operation, with concurrent variable-rate incremental foreground & background garbage collection and snapshot backup of the set of distributed virtual spaces.
  • Up to 150 logged & flushed transactions per second on 3GHz P4 IDE hardware
  • Terabyte 64-bit object id and addressing default, configurable up to 128-bit
  • Dual Licensing - Open Source GPLv3 and/or Supported Commercial Licence

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Mon 18th May 2015   05:05 PM
posted by John Clapperton

VOSS 3.150.15 for VASmalltalk 8.6.2, 8.6.1, 8.6.0

Download VOSS 3.150.15 here

Tue 25th Nov 2014   06:11 PM
posted by John Clapperton

VOSS 3.150.14 has updates as in readme.txt

Download VOSS 3.150.14 here

Wed 9th Apr 2014   04:04 PM
posted by John Clapperton

VOSS 3.150.12 is unchanged except support for VA Smalltalk 8.6

Download VOSS 3.150.12 here


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