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VOSS 3.145.02 - New in this release...

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VOSS 3.145.02 - New in this release...
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5:43 pm
Thursday, 23 October 2008

John Clapperton


posts 13


The previous release (3.145.01) introduced buffered transaction logging, in which a log archive daemon process archives the contents of the log buffer at specified intervals, increasing the maximum commit rate to 50 transactions per second on desktop hardware. This new release 3.145.02 allows for log archiving to be disabled, further increasing transaction throughput, for example up to 150 logged random create/inserts per second into a VirtualDictionary of 10 million elements (depending on cache settings, and with no concurrent garbage collection).

Log archiving, present from the earliest release of VOSS, saves the transaction log as virtual object in a separate virtual space,  thus available to an application for audit trail etc. However if this is not required then the new archive disable feature allows significantly higher performance. The log buffer file is thus no longer a buffer, it is the log, growing indefinitely instead of being emptied every 1500 milliseconds. However, backup procedure is unchanged, starting a new empty log which records the backup timestamps.

Rollforward recovery procedure is also unchanged, transparently first applying any archived log entries to the virtual space backup copies being rolled forward, followed by the entries in the log buffer.

VOSS 3.145.02 is available for download here

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